Brand Design

A brand first approach

We are a brand-first agency because we know a brand is more than your logo. A brand is the overall perception and impression that people have of a company, product, or service. It is the sum of all the experiences, emotions, and associations that people connect with a particular entity. We also know that great brands are built from great products and services, which is why the first thing we do is get an intimate understanding of your business and what makes it unique. Once we understand this, all we need to do is let others know — simple.

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Our process

Consciously creative


This is where we empathise with your target market, conduct a deep-dive into your business and identify the “problem”.


Once we know the problem, we collaborate hard to find a solution through divergent thinking and a healthy dose of creativity.


We build and launch the assets required to tell your story. It could be a new strategy, an app or an eCommerce website.


This is where we get all nerdy and observe. Once you are in market, we monitor the performance closely and test.


We take on feedback from your users and customers and optimise as required. This typically loops back to the creative phase.

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