Cognitive Automation Labs

What we did

A new brand for CA Labs led to a 240% increase in leads.
With a mission to build a digital workforce through better automation, Cognitive Automation Labs approached us to develop a new brand identity and messaging framework. Cognitive Automation has positioned itself as a leader in attracting exceptional individuals in the field of automation and AI in order to connect them with clients who are seeking to automate, optimise and digitise their operations. The new brand needed to align with the company's core values of trustworthiness, futuristic, accelerated and Global. These values drove a lot of the creative workshops, where ideas, images, and design concepts were developed and refined. Given the nature of the product/service, we concluded that the brand needed to somehow incorporate and evoke motion (moving from A to B). We did this with the subtle reference to nodes in the icon, positioned together to create the letter C. The final result is a basic brand mark that is modern, professional, and minimal, without looking too corporate and clinical.
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Marketing Strategy
Web Design
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